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The Waste Land Walking Tour 2022

THE WASTE LAND WALKING TOUR 2022  with Michael Boyle


This amazing literary walking tour starts and finishes 

At Harbor Side Park. Water St. St John’s.

Meet @5.55 pm. Tour starts 6 PM. Cost $20 

Length of tour 75 Mins. 

Tour dates -May 29.June 26, July 31,Aug 28. Sept 25.

                (Last Sunday of the month.)

You must book in advance –Call the hotline.764 9255

The tour.

There are about eight stops on the tour and in the course of the summer I will recite/(or read) many parts of this long poem. I will offer some supposed meanings and audience participation is welcome.

 Please be advised this tour is not in any a university lecture. but an entertaining interactive conversation about Eliot and the complex connections between the man, the poet and the City of London.

If you are a visitor to St John’s this tour will take to the Waterfront to our many nooks, crannies, haunts, hollow and hallows. Time will be given to reflect on some the many meanings and illusions on this most famous poetic work. There will be many questions and this tour may answer a few of them. Who know you might go home and read The Waste Land?


Eliot’s The Waste Land is the most influential poetic work of the 20th century. Because its centenary is at hand Michael Boyle St John’s poet and actor himself, has adapted this tour to local audiences.

This tour is very timely coming 100 years after the pandemic in 1922 and after the horrors, despair and carnage of World War One. And today we still have the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This great poem still has a message and speaks to our society.-if we wish to listen.


The walk is a beautiful homage to Eliot, and to thousands of years of history that swirl around in the Waste Land. (But to be clear, even if you don’t care about this poem, this is still a WONDERFUL walk – the poem just serves as the anchor and you bob in and out of the poem and the history).